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Customer interaction management is tool to manage your business in professional way, which KRA is to satisfy the customer goal.It also enhance your customer business in all aspect. ES connect CRM platform manage customer's sales,support,services,HRM & quality.This platform automate your process specially in Tech support vertical,Travel,lead generation and where customer complaint management or Ticket management is play a crucial role to sustain customer in long run. ES connect platform gives you previlages to mask end customer CLI on agent interface and minimise your data theft.ES connect has open platform,where you can integrate any third party telephony system or any other platform . ES connect platform has two dashboard(one separate for CRM and other one is for dialler) customer can manage complete activity from single window.

ES connect platform has SaaS & premised model both.Customer can start any moment of time without investing huge amount.This platform is expandable & flexible within sortinterval of time.

Feature of ES connect platform

  • 1.   ES connect CRM has capabilities to integrate with any third party Platform

    The finest point of ES connect is easy integration with any third-party platform to increase the efficacy multiple time. Our developers have provided dedicated setting and functions in our Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi to ensure that none of the subscribers is every facing any kind of problem to complete this task.

  • 2.   Lead Management with multi stages of sales cycle

    As per the efficiency and functionality of our ES connect, you can easily complete every task regarding lead management. Our Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi NCR comprehends multi stages to make sure that every sales cycle is fetching the transparent results in quick time. Our software also helps to make the detailed reports regarding the same.

  • 3.   EMAIL management with escalation matrix

    You can confidently depend upon ES connect for EMAIL management with escalation matrix. Every feature of our nicely-configured Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi serves users with the uniform standards. Consequently, you never face any kind of confusion while using. However, it is advised to not disturb the setting very often.

  • 4.   Customizable home screen and multi dashboard

    ES connect comes with a customizable home screen and multi dashboard settings to ensure that particular user is getting the functions and buttons of choice at the main screen. This wonderful quality of our Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi makes sure dependency upon our software will certainly help to reduce the service time by significant margin.

  • 5.   Sales forecasting management

    With a number of ultra-helpful features and functions, our ES connect proves ultimately convenient to use. The feature of earnestly-configured Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi NCR makes sure the timely decision to depend this digital convenience will certainly make you a great beneficiary on multiple grounds.

  • 6.  Support Management & Services Management

    ES connect is the finest option to witness the best of Support Management & Services Management. You are supposed to not doubt this info on any terms. Currently, a large number of subscribers is using our Customer Relationship Management solution in India to maintain their different kinds of leads activities in a convenient way.

  • 7.  Contact centre software integration (Either asterisk based or third-party telephony)

    Our ES connect is a perfect bouquet of ultra-helpful features. It is also important for you to know that Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi NCR like us is not available in the market. Therefore, subscription for any other digital convenience might keep you away of most-effective software. Make a beneficial decision to help yourself.

  • 8.  Campaign Management

    You can confidently depend upon ES connect for transparent and convenient Campaign Management. With easy to use UI (User Interface), our Customer Relationship Management solution in India helps all with the similar standards. These features of software always incline towards your benefits so do not think much to subscribe.

  • 9.  Work flow Management

    Our ES connect always proves the best choice to consider for smooth Work flow Management. In order to meet the needs in a quick and convenient way, you just need to press some buttons. Efficacy and functionality of our Customer Relationship Management software in Delhi NCR never leave anybody empty hands. Everybody obviously fetches the great results in an easier manner.

  • 10.  ES connect CRM connect with any third party platform

    Look at the efficiency and features of our ES connect to witness the best epitome of extremely helpful software. Easily connect it with third-party platform to make sure that you are certainly reaping the proper benefits of both the technical convenience to hit the sales target. Performance of our Customer Relationship Management solution in India remains uniform for everybody.

Key Modules of the Application

  • Lead Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Dispatch and Delivery
  • Sales Management
  • Service Management
  • Supplier Management
  • User Access Security Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Service Alerts
  • Multi level Inventory