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ES connect LMS shows complete view of total target Vs achievement by the executive and consolidated complete view of lead stage wise.so that management can optimise the resource value immidiatelt.


Task assign to field executive

ES connect LMS view complete stages of lead journey from suspect to order closure and it shows repoting the manager and executive very easily on single page.


Lead Management ,Daily visit report,Pre journey plan of executive

ES connect platform can manage daily view of journey by executive,manager & senior management etc,this platform can also manage your pre visit plan.so that executive can optimise his expanses


Mobile App Login And Dashboard

ES connect platform can also manage from App as well,this platform can views of mobile friedly environment and on dashboard it shows leave management,Task management,total distance travel by executive & expanses management etc.ES connect platform can manage micro level tracking of executive and manager


Task Update& Location Map

ES connect mobile App can manage task management and micro level location tracking of executive and also on real time they can take approval from immidiate manager


Task Status

ES connect platform has unified view of executive reporting such as-total pending Task,Task completed and tomorrow Task.This Platform has complete overview of Sales management,Task Management & expanses,leave,attendance management of indivisual

Some of the key feature of ES connect Task Management Platform

  • Lead Management system(Its include complete journey of suspect to order closure)
  • Task detail -Knd of Task,date,time & TAT
  • Executive woul be able to chat with immidiate manager on real time
  • Executive would be able to scan the document and upload on app
  • Import & Export option on app
  • Raise Expanses and approval by immidiate Manager
  • Tracking of executive (KM/Meter etc)
  • App says,which rote need to follow by executive
  • Attendence of indivisual daily basis,leave detail,punchIN & punchOut
  • Expanses detail with distances covered by executive