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Lead Management System

You can confidently depend upon us to purchase and install the ultimately helpful Lead Management Software at the competitive price. Our product works wonderfully for organizations of all sizes. Thus, start the buying process now to make yourself a proud beneficiary.


Manual/Auto assign of lead

Lead assigning is a tiring task. Consequently, related manpower finds it very difficult to work with the full potential. On the other hand, intelligent usage of our ES connect Platform ensures easy implementation of all policies and strategies while keeping different kinds of time-wasting activities aside. Our highly promising Lead management solution in India allows you Auto/Manual assign lead with ease and comfort. This standard confirms that you will surely manage all activities of your business with the reduced manpower that too without compromising upon revenue/investment.

Manual/Auto assign of lead

Mapping complete flow of SPANCO cycle

Our Lead Management software in Delhi ideally follows the basic rules of negotiation including Suspect, Prospect, Approach, Negotiation, Closure, Order (SPANCO). Due to this wonderful facility, you witness great results to generate the revenue with high success rate and keep different kinds of hassles aside. All functions of our nicely-configured ES connect Platform is easy and simple to utilize. Therefore, every executive finds it easy to work upon after simple training. Subscribe this digital convenience as soon as possible to accelerate your business and popularity.


Lead capture automation

The finest characteristic of our ES connect Platform is lead generation while escaping different kinds of confusions and hassles. Due to this uniqueness, you find it extremely easy to maintain transparency among all concerned executives. Additionally, you find it extremely easy to prepare the reports for future use and presentations. You approach to depend upon our highly-efficient Lead management software in Delhi NCR is sure to benefit in multiple ways. Consequently, you can plan to go for this new-age facility with full confidence.


Task creation notification and assign to executive

Our highly-engineered Lead management software in Delhi NCR region works with innovative concepts. This trait verifies that new & fresh task will be created for executive. In addition, every person included in the list will get notification regarding the same. This aspect ensures that no executive will sit empty after completing the existing task. Resulting in improved productivity for more success. Tiring efforts and great care are not needed to operate the ES connect Platform. User Interface (UI) is simple and easy to understand. Give some commands to meet the expectations.


Lead qualification process

Specialized algorithms of our ES connect Platform help to recognize the quality lead for long use. In order to know the true potential of lead you do not need to do anything manually. Software requires few commands to provide the authentic information for the same. The finest point of this wonderful Lead management solution in India is round the clock assistance. Due to phenomenal aspect, you can convenient use it either during the daylight or dark hours. It is specifically created to help marketing and sales organizations in a unique way.


Sales tracking and micro level monitoring of employee

Administration and management of organization of any size can confidently depend upon our software for sales tracking and micro level monitoring of employee. Our ES connect Platform works wonderfully for everybody that too with the uniform standards. Installation of our Lead management software in Delhi NCR proves beneficial in multiple ways as limited investment helps to reap the optimum benefits of full potential of every available resource. Usage of this digital convenience is a confusion-free exercise. Subsequently, you never face any kind of problem while using.


Customize dashboard(sales Vs collection)

Our ES connect Platform comes with the customize dashboard facility. Due to this amenity, you can keep buttons and functions of choice at the dashboard so that you can easily & quick utilize the required one to stay away of wastage of time. This facility of Lead management software generally remains absent with counter solutions. Therefore, you are advised to not go for the alternatives. This approach might compel you to spend more for the less-efficient solutions. On the other hand, decision to rely upon our software always inclines towards your advantages.